Battle of the Bastards

Mexico City – Although it isn’t a very important match and the stakes are actually pretty low, the match between “El Colibrí de Fuego” and “Los cuernos de la Ira” is nevertheless highly anticipated by lucha libre fans. But is that for the right reasons? Already people are calling the match “the battle of the bastards”. And while one of the “bastards” in the Game of Thrones episode with the same title is actually the honorable and noble Jon Snow, neither of the bastards in tonight’s match have shown honor, nobility or decency in the past.

“El Colibri de Fuego” is probably better known for his violence and temper outside the ring than he’s known for his achievements in the ring. The Colibri of Fire started out as a promising wrestler. He was dedicated and he showed strength, tactics and acrobatics that promised a great career. However his uncontrollable temper severely damaged his career. inside the ring he lost too many matches, because he let his temper get the best of him. Either because he made mistakes or, just as often, because his violent outburst got him disqualified. And outside the ring he ran into the law on more than one occasion because of his violent nature.

His opponent, Los cuernos de la Ira, is just as controversial. It is no secret that outside the ring he works for the violent Los Zetas Cartel. He’s seen the inside of a jail cell more often than the inside of the ring.

With two such controversial wrestlers facing each other, everybody is expecting a show. Whether it will be a show worthy of lucha libre, remains to be seen.

Battle of the Bastards

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