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October 23, 2016

Suspected terrorists turn out to be heroes as NSA and FBI dismantle domestic terrorism network

  • Real terrorists still at large
    The motives of the terrorists are as of yet unknown, but an extremist nationalist agenda is suspected.
  • Computer expert Stacy Ferris and reporter Piper Riley help bring truth to light
    A story of a computer wizkid and groundbreaking investigative reporting.
  • Stockpiles of weapons and explosive found at addresses throughout the east coast
    Experts agree this was probably the greatest threat to national security since 9/11.
  • Terrorists managed to stay under the radar through use of ingenious real estate and finance constructions
    The group made extensive use of dummy corporations and false names to hide a vast network of weapon trafficking and money laundering.
  • Story begins with the kidnapping of a Japanese art student who saw too much
    The Japanese woman who was suspected of kidnapping two supreme court justices and the two children of senator Ortygia, turned out to be a victim herself. What exactly happened, is as of yet unclear, but for some unknown reason she was herself a kidnapping victim of the real terrorist group.
  • Supreme court justices Rodin and Jones worked together with Olympic athlete, decorated war hero and senator’s son, Martin Ortygia and several other victims of the terrorists to bring them down
    When the young Japanese woman tried to warn the Ortygia family of their plans to kidnap Suzanne Ortygia, she arrived too late. It was then decided by supreme court justices Jones and Rodin not to involve law enforcement to avoid endangering Suzanne Ortygia. The small group of vigilantes then moved carefully to uncover the network and save Suzanne Ortygia.
  • Piper Riley testifies: “Of course they couldn’t bring a large scale police investigation into this until Suzanne Ortygia was brought to safety”
    An exclusive interview with the reporter who helped uncover the terrorist conspiracy.
  • FBI unhappy about vigilante work, says they took a huge risk with human lives, but praises them for their heroism, patriotism and dedication
    An FBI spokesman says that several of the terrorist attacks could have been prevented if the vigilantes had gone to the police instead of trying to solve it all themselves.

October 21, 2016

Terrorist attack on Crossroads diner in Plymouth, Massachusetts
Interstate kidnappers suspected

Two of the terrorists were seen fleeing the scene, holding 23 year old Stacy Ferris hostage. Stacy Ferris was a witness of their first attack. Police believes she may have crucial information for their investigation and that’s why the terrorists kidnapped her.

Interstate kidnappers strike in New York
House in Cliffside Park completely destroyed

A second cell of the terrorist group who still hold Suzanne Ortygia hostage destroyed a house in New York. Police found remnants of heavy weapons and explosives at the site of the explosion. As of now it is unclear if the terrorist group is fighting a rival organization or if they’re trying to destroy evidence.

NSA insider reveals Interstate kidnappers probably part of larger terrorist group
Links with Chinese and Japanese islamist groups suspected

NSA is rumored to work closely with Chinese and Japanese intelligence to track down the terrorists who are also wanted in both Asian countries for several counts of terrorism.

New York Times

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