Star Tribune (Minneapolis)

October 11, 2016

Senator’s son Martin Ortygia and Supreme court justices Samuel Rodin and Victoria Jones released by kidnappers
Susan Ortygia still missing and kidnappers still at large

Article about the mysterious kidnapping of the two supreme court justices and the senator’s son and how they were released by their kidnappers. There’s also a mention that one of the kidnappers was spotted being dropped of at a motel just east of Austin (Minnesota). The other kidnapper was still with the victims at that point. There is not trace of either kidnapper since then. FBI and local police are working together and ask for any witnesses to come forward.

Donald Trump calls Hillary Clinton female Hitler

Election news. Trump says something silly again.

Mass arrests of peaceful protesters at Dakota Pipeline protests
Two journalists arrested

I really wish this were fiction too.

Stolen bus travels nearly 1,500 miles
Bus stolen in Arizona found 20 miles south of Austin, Minnesota

Weird, huh? How does something like that happen?

Cosplayers take over Loring Park

Lifestyle article written by someone who has no idea what cosplay actually is.



October 10, 2016

Poetry and prose

A periodic section of the newspaper dedicated to local authors and poets.

Star Tribune (Minneapolis)

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