Violence and kidnapping on the highway

Yesterday around 2 pm at route 5 near Lakewood a group of unknown assailants attacked a bus that was on its way from Seattle to Portland. When police arrived, several eye witnesses were in shock. No details to the cause or the nature of the violence have been released.

What is known, is that the attackers kidnapped three individuals that were present during the violence. Two of the victims are Honorable Samuel Rodin, justice for the Supreme Court in North Dakota and Honorable Victoria Jones, justice for the Supreme Court in Arizona. The third victim, a young student, was found later near the house of senator Ortygia in Olympia.

Eye witnesses reported a black man and an Asian woman holding the justices and the student at gunpojnt. Senator Ortygia’s son tried to save them, but was taken captive as well. No shots were fired during this confrontation. Also missing at present is Senator Ortygia’s adopted daughter. Police assumes that the student was released, because she wasn’t their target. Why she was kidnapped in the first place is not yet known. The police hasn’t released her statements about the events.

We will report any news as the events unfold. The current whereabouts of the kidnappers are unknown. They were last seen traveling north from Castlewood, Olympia, presumably towards Route 5.

Violence and kidnapping on the highway

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