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In this section you can find a collection of new articles about the adventures of our five heroes.

New York Times

October 23, 2016

Suspected terrorists turn out to be heroes as NSA and FBI dismantle domestic terrorism network

  • Real terrorists still at large
  • Computer expert Stacy Ferris and reporter Piper Riley help bring truth to light
  • Stockpiles of weapons and explosive found at addresses throughout the east coast
  • Terrorists managed to stay under the radar through use of ingenious real estate and finance constructions
  • Story begins with the kidnapping of a Japanese art student who saw too much
  • Supreme court justices Rodin and Jones worked together with Olympic athlete, decorated war hero and senator’s son, Martin Ortygia and several other victims of the terrorists to bring them down
  • Piper Riley testifies: “Of course they couldn’t bring a large scale police investigation into this until Suzanne Ortygia was brought to safety”
  • FBI unhappy about vigilante work, says they took a huge risk with human lives, but praises them for their heroism, patriotism and dedication

October 21, 2016

Terrorist attack on Crossroads diner in Plymouth, Massachusetts
Interstate kidnappers suspected

Interstate kidnappers strike in New York
House in Cliffside Park completely destroyed

FBI insider reveals Interstate kidnappers probably part of larger terrorist group
Links with Chinese and Japanese islamist groups suspected

Boston Herald

October 17, 2016

FBI reports that body of male Asian was found in basement at Ashmont explosion site
Victim is believed to be one of the kidnappers

October 16, 2016

Explosion destroys house at Ashmont in Boston
Witnesses spot Interstate kidnappers fleeing the scene

Manager of Boston Marriott Copley Place Hotel accuses government officials of fraud
Investigators assume a group of con men and women posed as government officials

October 15, 2016

Boston police department investigates link between Interstate kidnappers and Boston Common missing children

I-90 Interstate kidnappers spotted in Ashmont
Senator Ortygia’s daughter still missing

October 13, 2016

Children missing near Boston Common



Star Tribune (Minneapolis)

October 11, 2016

Senator’s son Martin Ortygia and Supreme court justices Samuel Rodin and Victoria Jones freed by FBI
Susan Ortygia still missing and kidnappers still at large

Donald Trump calls Hillary Clinton female Hitler

Stolen bus travels nearly 1,500 miles
Bus stolen in Arizona found 20 miles south of Austin, Minnesota

Mass arrests of peaceful protesters at Dakota Pipeline protests
Two journalists arrested

Cosplayers take over Loring Park

October 10, 2016

Poetry and prose

Seattle Times

October 11, 2016


October 8, 2016

Violence and kidnapping on the highway

The News (Mexico City)

Battle of the Bastards

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